Ohio Catholic
Ohio Catholic
 We are the Catholic Church in southern Brown County, Ohio.  
We are many parts but one body, and our gifts we have been given to share.  Come share abundant life in Christ!
St. Mary, Arnheim
6647 Van Buren Avenue
Arnheim, OH 45121
(937) 446-2555
Sunday: 7:45am
Monday: 8:30am
Wednesday: 12:00pm​​

St. Michael, Ripley​​
16 North 4th Street
Ripley, OH 45167
(937) 392-1116
Sunday: 10:00am
Tuesday: 7:00pm
Friday: 8:30am

St. George, Georgetown​​
509 East State Street
Georgetown, OH 45121
(937) 378-6453
Sunday: 12:00pm
Thursday: 12:00pm
Saturday: 5:30pm

Saturday: 3:00pm
or call Father Byers
(937) 446-2555
Tuesday: 7:30pm
or call Father Byers 
(937) 446-2555
Thursday: 12:30pm
or call Father Byers
(937) 446-2555


Events Calendar

Ministry Schedule

Join Us

Are you relocating to our area and want to join our church family?  
Contact the Parish Office and introduce yourself:
16 North Fourth Street
Ripley, OH 45167
Hours: Mon. - Thurs.: 9AM - 4PM
Phone: (937) 392-1116
Fax: (937) 392-1699
E-Mail:   [email protected]​​

Are you curious about the Catholic Church?
We welcome you to discover the Christian Faith in all it's fullness.   
Contact one of our Pastorial Associates:

St. Mary:
Marilyn Fryer
(937) 378-4583 
[email protected]

St. Michael:
Ruth Allen
(937) 392-1335
[email protected]

St. George:
Joan St. Clair
(937) 378-6453
[email protected]

Support Your Parish

Our mission is to spread the Good News of the Gospel Christ and bring us all into a closer relationship with God.  

One way to share in this mission is through regular donations to your parish.

To help make donations easy, We have
set up  way for you to make a one time or a recurring donation by visiting the WeShare web-site:

Please prayerfully consider a recurring donation to your church.
If you have any difficulty, please contact our Parish Office:

Kathy Clifton 
Phone: (937) 392-1116
[email protected] 

She will be happy to help you set up your donation.

Share Your Thoughts

One way to strengthen our faith community is by sharing our thoughts honestly, humbly and charitably. What is God doing in your life? What causes you concern or joy? What would you like to know, share or suggest?
Just follow the link below to our FORUM: